Terms of Service

Scope and status

  1. These Terms of Service apply to any work carried out for the Client by ProofScience, also referred to in this document as ‘PS’.
  1. The Client is under no obligation to offer PS work; nor is PS under any obligation to accept work offered by the Client.
  1. Any work agreed and carried out by PS will be under a Contract for Services and is not intended to create an employment relationship between any PS representative and the Client.
  1. We strongly advise you to read these Terms of Service carefully, as they will apply in each and every instruction and will operate in conjunction with the agreed Contract for Services.
  1. If any of these Terms of Service conflict with the Contract for Services, then the Contract for Services will take priority.

Services and costs

  1. PS will provide a Service as mutually agreed, confirmed in writing by the Client.
  1. The work will be carried out unsupervised at such times and places as determined by PS, using PS’s own equipment.
  1. Completed work will be provided with all changes clearly marked using the ‘Track Changes’ feature available in Microsoft Word.
  1. The Client will pay PS a fee at an agreed rate per 1,000 words, depending on the speed of completion and level of Service required, i.e. proofreading or copy-editing.
  1. If PS agrees to attend the Client’s or other premises for necessary meetings, the time spent and agreed reasonable expenses incurred are to be reimbursed by the Client.
  1. Only one discount offered by PS for new clients, students, institutions and recommendations can be applied at any one time.
  1. A deadline for the completion of the work will be agreed in writing.
  1. The completed work will be delivered on or before the agreed date and time, for the agreed fee, which will be based on the description of the work required and the brief, both supplied by the Client.
  1. If, however, upon receipt of the item to be worked on or at an early stage, it becomes apparent that significantly more work is required than had been anticipated in the preliminary discussion/brief, PS may renegotiate the fee and/or the deadline and/or may be unable to take on the work. This also applies if the necessary documents or materials are received by PS later than agreed.
  1. Similarly, if, during the term of PS’s work, additional tasks are requested by the Client, PS may renegotiate the fee and/or the deadline.
  1. If the Client requests a second proofread, the Client must first redraft the document. Sixty percent (60%) of the original price per 1,000 words will be payable for this Service.

Payment terms

  1. For all proofreading, copy-editing and formatting Services, payment is within 21 days of completion and receipt of the final invoice. If the balance of payment is not received within this specified time, then 10% of the fee will be added for each week that the payment is overdue.
  1. PS reserves the right to charge interest on overdue fees.
  1. Refunds will only be given in extreme circumstances, such as the total failure to complete your work. Any refunds are at the sole discretion of PS.


  1. Either the Client or PS has the right to terminate a Contract for Services if there is a serious breach of its terms.
  1. PS can terminate a contract at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to non-payment of fees due; or aggressive, abusive or inappropriate behaviour towards a PS representative. Upon notice being given to you of the termination of the contract, you will be required to pay PS all sums due.
  1. You can cancel the contract at any time before work has begun, namely before full documents have been provided to PS, at no charge. Any payment made in advance by you will be refunded.
  1. If you wish to cancel the contract after work has begun then you must notify PS in writing. You will be charged for the work that has been completed up to that point at the per 1,000-word rate agreed in the contract. Where a flat fee has been agreed, unless you are terminating due to a serious breach by PS, the full fee will be payable. The partially completed work will be sent to you upon receipt of your payment.
  1. These terms are subject to the laws of England and Wales, and both PS and the Client agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Liability and errors

  1. PS aims to provide accurate, thorough and reliable proofreading, copy-editing and formatting Services. Although we strive to provide the highest possible Service, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy (simply because of human error) and occasionally we may not correct an error.
  1. PS cannot be held responsible for direct, indirect, special or consequential losses or costs incurred by any errors remaining in the Client’s work, be they factual or grammatical. Clients must review and approve the changes made to their documents, and the final responsibility for errors remains with the Client.
  1. PS will not be held liable for errors or omissions caused by the Client’s failure to communicate their requirements clearly.
  1. PS shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any obligation under these Terms of Service and both parties shall be released from their respective obligations if the delay or failure is caused by any circumstances beyond both parties’ reasonable control, including, but not limited to fire, explosion, flood, war (or similar events such as national emergency or civil unrest), industrial disputes, technical failure, or any other similar event that renders the performance of obligations impossible. In such circumstances, the Client will immediately pay PS all arrears of payments due.
  1. In the case of illness or sudden unforeseen unavailability of the PS editor responsible for a Contract for Services, PS will notify the Client as soon as reasonably practicable and re-allocate the matter to another editor within 24 hours. PS will use their best endeavours to ensure that the agreed deadline is maintained; however, in the event that the deadline cannot be met in such circumstances, an extended deadline will be agreed by the parties. Such agreed extension will not affect the agreed fee payable.
  1. If there is a waiver or variation of any of these Terms of Service by PS at any time, then that will constitute a waiver or variation for the purpose of that particular transaction only and your obligations in respect of being bound by the remaining Terms of Service shall continue to be in full force, that is, these will continue to apply to you in full.
  1. If you breach any of the Terms of Service, you will be held fully responsible for any legal claim for expenses, liability and financial losses (including legal fees) incurred by PS, as caused by your breach.
  1. Each of the paragraphs of these Terms of Service operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.
  1. PS reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time without notice and without liability arising from such an action. Your use of the website and the company’s Services will be deemed as acceptance of any amended Terms of Service.
  1. We advise you to regularly check the Terms of Service. PS has complete discretion to modify or remove any part of the website without warning and without any liability arising from such an action.
  1. PS reserves the right to alter pricing without notice, although any prices previously confirmed in writing will remain valid for 28 days from the date of the quotation; prices on work agreed and being undertaken will not be affected.

Academic liability (students)

  1. We recommend that you check that the use of a proofreading/copy-editing service is permitted by your academic institution before engaging our Services and, if so, whether it is a requirement that this be declared in your work. PS will not check each academic institution’s policy on proofreading/copy-editing and accepts no liability if you fail to make adequate enquiries.
  1. We strongly recommend that you advise your tutor/supervisor that you have engaged a proofreading/copy-editing service.
  1. PS will not rewrite your document or substantial parts of it, nor take text from anyone else’s work and insert it into your document.
  1. The mark or grade you are awarded by your academic institution is not within PS’s control. PS cannot provide advice or guidance on predicted grades and PS cannot be held legally responsible for a lower-than-expected mark or grade in relation to any material returned by PS. While our aim is to ensure that your work is free from errors of spelling, grammar and punctuation and is consistent in style, we cannot guarantee that using our proofreading and copy-editing service will result in improved grades.

Terms of Service updated 24th July 2022