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Dr Christopher Wohlgamuth

Dr Christopher Wohlgamuth

PhD, MSc, BSc

Dr Christopher Wohlgamuth completed his PhD in physics at The University of Texas at Dallas. His research focused on the temperature-dependent effects during the charge transport process of DNA. Using this diverse background of both life and physical science, he is successfully commercialising university intellectual property through licensing and start-up avenues. Chris is interested in opportunities to use his analytical background in a cross-functional role to bridge the gap between science, technology, and business development.

Dr Edward Walter

Dr Edward Walter


Dr Edward Walter is a consultant in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) and Anaesthesia at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, UK, where he is also a course director for ICM. He is a reviewer for the Journal of the Intensive Care Society, a regular editor of manuscripts and holder of a diploma with distinction in proofreading and editing. The author and co-author of articles published in peer-reviewed journals, he maintains an active interest in pre-hospital medicine, hyperthermia, follow-up after discharge, quality improvement projects and imaging.

Dr James Dawson

Dr James Dawson

PhD, BSc

Dr James Dawson is a computational chemist and materials scientist who graduated from the University of Sheffield, UK. He is an active proofreader and current academic at the University of Bath, and has held research posts in the universities of Kyoto and Cambridge. During this period, he has co-authored ~30 peer-reviewed publications. His scientific focus is on computational materials science for energy storage and electronics applications, while his research leverages the synergy between thermodynamics and electronic structure methods.

Dr Flora Whitmarsh

Dr Flora Whitmarsh

PhD, MSc

Dr Flora Whitmarsh is graduate of Imperial College London where she focused on the computational simulation of convective processes in geophysical fluid dynamics. She has since researched the impact of climate change on the production of fruit and vegetables, identifying future risks and advising on adaptation strategies; co-written a series of fact sheets about the latest report of the IPCC; and contributed to technical reports for the UK Government and The Royal Society to provide information about the impacts of climate change.

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