What document formats do you work with?

Please send your document in Microsoft Word format.

Do you have a non-disclosure policy?

Once a manuscript is forwarded to ProofScience it is stored on an encrypted and password-protected cloud server. Only the editor who works on your document will have access to this file, and no information regarding the content of the manuscript or the manuscript itself will be disclosed to anyone other than the client.

Proofreading or copy-editing?

Regarding the choice of the proofreading or copy-editing service, this is either a) determined by the author’s request to merely repair their use of language through proofreading or to develop it further through copy-editing, or b) advised by ProofScience due to the standard of written English on initial review of the paper. More details on the elements addressed at the proofreading and copy-edting levels can be found on the Services page.

How should I send the document?

You can either send it as an email attachment to info@proofscience.com or through the site contact form.

How will I know you have received the document?

Once your file has been received we will open it and check the content. Then we will save it as a master copy and send you a confirmation email.

What will I receive back from you?

After the proofreading process has been completed using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word you will receive back two files. In Version 1, all the amended, inserted and deleted text will be highlighted, and you will also find included any additional comments that may have been placed for your attention. In Version 2, all the changes will have been accepted, and only the comments will remain to be actioned and deleted. Therefore, you will remain in total control over all edits that are made to your draft.

What information will be included in the comments?

In the event of being unable to directly repair a section of text as the original structure is unclear, or where the editor is not 100% certain of your intended meaning, they will highlight this for your attention with a comment, and make suggestions wherever possible.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes, after you have reviewed the changes that have been made to your document you can contact us to discuss any of the insertions or deletions, and/or to check the changes you make in response to the editor’s comments.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer new client, student and institutional discounts. Please see our pricing page for more details.

How can I pay by debit or credit card?

Payment can be made using your debit or credit card through PayPal, even if you don’t have a PayPal account. Please follow this process:

1. Visit the PayPal page directly here or use the link on the website payment page.

2. In the left-hand column under Your Order Summary a) insert your Item price (e.g. £95), and then b) select Update.

3. In the right-hand column, complete your payment by selecting Pay with a credit or debit card.

Who pays the fees for international bank transfers?

While UK and European bank transfers are free of charge, our bank levies a £6 charge for international deposits over £100 in value. This fee, plus any additional sending fee from the client’s bank, is payable by the client. Therefore, when making international bank transfers of £100+, please ensure that the final deposited sum is the fee quoted.

Can I submit a testimonial of my experience with ProofScience?

Feedback is always welcome as it helps us to improve, and informs future users of the service:

Do you have a vivisection policy?

Due to our ethical stance we are unable to offer the proofreading or editing of any articles or research that involves testing or experiments on live animals. We trust that you will understand our position.